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    Golf Tech Gurus - 20/21 Webinar Series

Episode 6 of The Golf Tech Gurus:

The Playbook to Compete and Win 2021

COVID-19 changed the golf industry. As a result, we're seeing new trends, new opportunities, and new ways to drive engagement with the new customers you now have. <br/ In Episode 6, the Gurus will outline The Playbook to Compete and Win 2021, helping you develop your value proposition and pitch to customers. This will include some of our best recommendations, so you don't want to miss out on this final installment of the series.

Who's Presenting?
Scott Merchant - Club Prophet
Rob Hoffman - Gallus Golf
Kent Ashby - 1-2-1 Marketing

Topics of Discussion
Developing your Value Prop? What’s Your Pitch?
Club Prophet’s Best Covid Tips
Gallus Golf’s Best Covid Tips
121 Marketing’s Best Covid Tips
Ignite Agency’s Best Covid Tips
“The Playbook” Available for Download

Date & Time
Thursday, January 21st
1:00PM - 1:30PM Eastern


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