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    Golf Tech Gurus - Webinar Archive

Episode 1 of The Golf Tech Gurus:

What Just Happened?

COVID-19 changed the golf industry. As a result, we're seeing new trends, new opportunities, and new ways to drive engagement with the new
customers you now have.

In this first installment of our webinar series, we will discuss the changes your customer base is likely seeing and begin to set the table for
greater engagement!
Who's Presenting?
Scott Merchant - Club Prophet
Rob Hoffman - Gallus Golf
Kent Ashby - 1-2-1 Marketing

Topics of Discussion
Search Demand for Golf
Demand for Wedding Venues
How to increase Level of Engagement with Golfers
Tee Sheet and POS System/Company Surge
"Using More" of the Software Surge
Credit Card Surge
And a great open discussion!

Date & Time
Wednesday, November 11th
1:00PM - 1:30PM Eastern


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