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    Golf Tech Gurus - Webinar Archive

Episode 3 of The Golf Tech Gurus:

There is a surge in golf demand, but in 2020 the golf industry wasn't ready.

The increased golf rounds came at us like a wave we didn't see. Let's make 2021 different. We are bringing in Jim Koppernhaver from Pellucid to join the Golf Industry Gurus for a special episode. This episode will evaluate the 2020 golfer surge and provide solutions on how your golf course can maximize golfer revenue in 2021.

Who's Presenting?
Scott Merchant - Club Prophet
Rob Hoffman - Gallus Golf
Kent Ashby - 1-2-1 Marketing
Jim Koppenhaver - Pellucid Corp

Topics of Discussion
Casual, Committed, Avid golfers - Defining the funnel
How the funnel has changed in 2020
What is Retention Marketing and how can you take advantage
How best to communicate with your various golfer segments
What is your Transition Plan to retain 2021's golfers
Recognition is the new discount
Date & Time
Friday, December 10th
1:00PM - 1:30PM Eastern


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