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    Tee Times

Feature Rich. Easy to Use.

What if your golf business software could identify, in advance, exactly when you needed to drive play at your golf course, and then quickly contact the golfers to fill your online tee sheet?

Club Prophet Systems Starter Hut Tee Sheet is the most powerful and easy-to-use tee sheet scheduling software ever developed. If you’re tired of the torturous way tee sheet reservations operate and want a business software solution that has been designed especially for the world of golf shop operations, you’re about to learn how to end all that suffering... for good!

Starter Hut Tee Sheet is pro-shop software that has been designed from the ground up to give staff online tee times at a glance. It works for single or multiple courses and at sites with local or cloud-based solutions.

With Starter Hut Tee Sheet, it is easy for golf courses to manager tee sheet bookings and events, as well as to move players and groups on the tee sheet or between multiple tee sheets for multiple courses. Set various rates, special, bid-up, and reverse auctions. You can also manage golf carts, caddies, and rental clubs. Want to know what more it can do for your facility?

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